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EPP supports Paschal Donohoe for Eurogroup President
Brussels, 29 June 2020
EPP expresses its full support for Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Finance of Ireland in his campaign to become the next Eurogroup President.
As one of the Eurogroup’s longest-serving members, and as an elected politician since 2007 from EPP member party Fine Gael, Minister Donohoe has the necessary experience to lead the Eurogroup at this time. He has committed to acting as a bridge builder between all Member States; North and South, East and West, small and large.
He also has a clear vision for an effective, inclusive and transparent Eurogroup which will drive economic growth and jobs. Being from a Programme country such as Ireland — which has experienced one of the EU’s fastest economic transformations and is now a net contributor to the EU budget— also means he deeply understands the challenges and concerns different countries are facing.
Over the past few months, COVID-19 has disrupted our economies as well as people's lives. The EPP backs Paschal Donohoe for President of the Eurogroup. He will strive for a strong and inclusive European recovery.